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1) S17 Teja


1) S17 Teja

Nearly, 50% of the crop grown in Guntur comprises the Teja variety, because of the huge demand for it. Its massive share can also be attributed to the fact that Teja has high resistance to pests and viruses, because of innate pungency. Its output and prices are higher than all other varieties, though not as high as the hybrid ones.

  • local name: Teja
  • Cultivated across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana & Madhya Pradesh State.
  • Crop size approximately about 300,000 Metric Tons .The largest available variety in India & The world’s largest pungent variety available at SparC ExiM in Bulk Quantity.
  • Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) – 65000 SHU to 90000 SHU depends on the area of cultivation.
  • ASTA – Colour value also ranges between 60- 80 ASTA again depending on the area of cultivation and season.
  • It’s the hottest chilli available in bulk and mostly used in Domestic markets mainly by the Oleoresin Manufacturers / Huge demand in the International Markets China / Mexico/ USA/ Thailand & Bangladesh. In India the northern states of Uttar Pradesh / Bihar prefer this variety for direct consumption other states use it on a blend.
  • Processed & Consumed in different formats such as Whole Chilli Dried, Destemmed Chilli, Stem Cut Chilli, Ground Chilli Powder & Crushed Chilli / Minced Chilli / Chilli Flakes.

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